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Who Loves Me Personalized Stickers – Valentines Day

Children love stickers, and they're even more fun when they include the child's own name as well as members of their family and friends! You will receive one 9 x 11 sheet with a total of 18 stickers. Customizable with up to 6 names of those who love the child. Ordering Instructions: 1. Enter the names of the people who love the child exactly as you would like the names to be printed on the stickers. 2. There are a total of 6 stickers that include names of people who love the child. For example, [Person(s) #1] love/loves/loved [Child’s Name] 3. If you would like your stickers to include more than 6 names of people who love the child, you can enter more than one name on some or all of the stickers. If you include more than one person's name, be sure to include the word and between the names and select love so the copy reads, [Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike] love [name of child]! 4. We encourage you to list 6 names of people who love the child. Here are some ideas to help you provide 6 names:
Price: 5.99