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My Very Own Trucks Coloring Book

Your child will love seeing his or her name being spelled out letter-by-letter by the trucks and things-that-go in this uniquely personalized coloring book. The Ambulance brings the A, the Crane brings the C, the Skid Steer Loader brings the S and so on. There are lots of fun learning activities and coloring pages to keep your little one busy for hours! As an added personal touch, this high quality coloring book includes a printed dedication from the sender. It has a soft cover with premium white paper that provides great results with crayons, watercolors, pastels and pencils. Made in the USA and written by Maia Haag. Gender and ages: Boys & Girls ages 2-8. Size: 9 x 11 Number of pages: 20+ pages. Your child’s first name (only) will be spelled out, and there will be activities at the end, so there will be at least 20 pages. View shipping information
Price: 9.99