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My Magical Snowman Gift Set

My Magical Snowman is a heart-warming new personalized storybook that will make your child feel extra special this holiday! The magic all starts when forest creatures come together to build a special snowman friend just for your child. When your child reaches out for a hug, Snowman comes alive! Your child and Snowman sled, skate, make snow angels, laugh and play together in utter delight. Snowman tells your child that he or she is as unique as a snowflake and that your child’s love is the magic that fills up his heart. Written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing, illustrated by artist Amy Schimler-Safford. Gender and ages: Boys and girls ages 0-8 Size: 8.5 x 8.5 Number of pages: 24 View shipping information
Price: 37.99