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Color in the Garden With Me Adult & Child Coloring Book & Frameable

Color in the Garden With Me is a unique shareable coloring book that will engage both an adult and child in the art of storytime, imagination and coloring together. Follow along with the story of two adorable bunnies as they plant their very own garden! This book is personalized with both the child's name and another friend or family member's name. There are designated areas with more simplified patterns for a young child and more intricate designs for an older child or adult to color on each page. Included with the book is a 14 x 24 personalized poster that can be completed by cutting out designated designs throughout the story and pasting them into the poster to create unique frameable art! As an added personal touch, this high quality coloring book includes a printed dedication from the sender. It has a soft cover with premium white paper that provides great results with crayons, watercolors, pastels and pencils. Made in the USA and written by Maia Haag. Gender and ages: Boys and
Price: 12.99